12 Days of Christmas {Day 8: Eco Vessel}

Today is the 8th day of the 12 days of Christmas Reviews & Giveaways 2015!   Review by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer  On the 8th day of Christmas, day2day joys gave to me... Insulated stainless steel water bottles from EcoVessel!  EcoVessel is a Colorado company offering great products for designed for toddlers through adults. They are committed to offering water bottles and food storage options are all BPA free, made of … [Read more...]

Day Hiking with Kids

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer One of our family's favorite things to do together is to get out in the woods and explore. Sometimes we venture farther off into the mountains or state parks, other times we keep closer to our home and stick to nearby environmental centers and local parks.  It's a free and fun, and a great source of exercise for all of us.  There are times when fatigue or forgetfulness make me prefer the comfort and ease of staying home, … [Read more...]

The Healthy Lifestyle I Have Chosen

Written by Imperfectly Pamela, Contributing Writer 9+ years ago I decided to treat myself better.  My food choices were crazy & fitness was, well, there was no fitness. I had also just had my 3rd child & knew there needed to be a change.  My oldest son had made a couple, very innocent comments about my weight.  Things.needed.to.change. I started slowly with some walking dvd's (Leslie Sansone anyone?).  They were 20-30 minutes.  Totally doable with … [Read more...]

Mom-Friendly Exercise Ideas

Written by Jenn @ A Simple Haven, Contributing Writer Last fall, not taking great care of myself finally caught up with me: I was exhausted, stressed, sick more often than usual, and emotionally all over the place. After catching what I’m pretty sure was shingles, I finally went to my doc, who asked some basic questions: Was I getting enough sleep? Exercise? Water? Um, not so much. Except the water. Thanks to what I lovingly refer to as “my sippy,” I excel in hydration. She ran … [Read more...]

7 Summer Activities to Strengthen Your Family and Improve Your Health

Written by Contributing Writer, Kari at Living Strong, Health & Wellness With summer just right around the corner, it’s finally time to step outside and begin enjoying the beautiful sunshine and warm weather again. Living in Colorado means we get over 300 days of sunshine, but not all those days are warm. This makes summer a much anticipated season in our home. What are some fun and exciting activities that you and your family can participate in that will allow you to make memories and … [Read more...]

Post Holiday Health Recovery

Written by Nell @ Whole Parenting Family, Contributing Writer When you've sugared out, and your kiddos have too, it's time to detox before New Years so you can get a smooth start on your resolutions to eat less sugar, and work out more. Wait, that's your plan too?? Who doesn't have that resolve (at least til February)? Maybe you can put this off til after New Years, if you're going to be at home on vacation, eating those leftover cookies. First and foremost, let's address our food … [Read more...]

Isn’t Exercise An Optional Activity?

  Written by Kim, Contributing Writer   **note from Rachel: Please meet Kim, another new monthly contributor. Kim's passions are not only her family but educating the public about healthy eating and living.   In all areas of health I like to begin with the question, “Was this part of God’s original optimal design for us?”  I want to make sure that anything I've added to my life lines up with the God’s word.     Exercise is no exception.    John and I spent the majority of our life as … [Read more...]

Burst Training {The BEST Exercise for your Body}

Written by Dr. Jake, Ask Dr.Jake Contributor Fitness has a bad wrap. Many times we get caught up in these fad exercise principles: run/walk on the treadmill for 45-60 minutes per day, get on the bike a pedal as fast as you can to nowhere and even protein shake before, after and even wake up in the middle of the night and drink your protein.  The truth is: exercise and fitness can be created in less than 12 minutes every other day. This is important to remember, especially for moms! You … [Read more...]