All Natural Egg Dyes {Plus a Paint Recipe}

Written by Contributing Writer, Kelly @ Eyes On The Source Egg dyeing kits are a very fun and popular purchase this time of year, but how simple it is to make your own dyes using natural spices, teas, fruits and vegetables!  You can create beautiful egg displays experimenting with these natural dyes.  Plus, you don't have to worry about what ingredients are in store bought kits. These are some general recipes to try.  Add more or less water/vinegar to vary the colors.  So many … [Read more...]

Preparing for a Homebirth {My Supply List}

Alrighty folks, I'm 39 weeks pregnant...and counting! It's still unbelievable to me that after our losses the Lord has blessed us and we'll soon meet this little girl or guy!! Many of my "in-real-life" friends have told me how brave they think I am for having a homebirth, but can I let you in on a little secret... I am nervous, not about something going wrong but about the pain of childbirth. It's been over 5 years since my daughter Julia was born so I can't remember everything... but … [Read more...]

Canvas Craft Idea

With all of these snow days lately, it's great to have some easy craft ideas to make with your kids. I love doing crafts and so do my kiddos. What kid doesn't love painting? If you keep some canvases or even just paint paper, paint, and paint brushes on hand, this is a very simple craft to pull out to make on those "snow days". And I love these because you can add your favorite bible verse or saying and decorate your home! Or even give as a gifts. Here's an EASY Canvas Craft Idea: Gather … [Read more...]

Successful Goal Planning for Any Time of the Year

Written by Kari @ Living Strong Health & Wellness, Contributing Writer It’s that time of year when people all over the world are bringing out their goal sheets and making their New Year’s Resolutions. I love this attitude and drive that so many of us jump into, but unfortunately, for the majority of people, the excitement isn’t long-lived. This leads to unsuccessful resolutions, goals going unchecked and tons of frustration, which ultimately leads to people who just give up on having … [Read more...]

Creating a Dreamboard For The New Year

Written by Kelly @ Eyes On The Source, Contributing Writer A New Year always brings new hopes, dreams, plans...We're gonna climb that mountain, lose that weight, change that character flaw.  Hopes and dreams flying about in our heads, but it's overwhelming, we don't know the process to get there and so by mid-January we've already forgotten or given up.  Aren't New Years resolutions made to be broken anyhow? Do you have big plans for this New Year?  Have you put together a list of goals? … [Read more...]

Christmas Letter Ideas

One of our family traditions every year (or shall I say mine??) is to write up a Christmas letter highlighting the past year. It is actually one of my favorite things to do this time of year! And it's not because I get to send one out to our friends & family. The truth is, I have a really neat book my Mom gave me several years ago that I keep all of our Christmas letters in each year. I started in 2009, so counting this year I have 5 letters. I really recommend this to those of you who … [Read more...]

DIY Peppermint Soap Recipe

Written by Kelly @ Eyes on the Source, Contributing Writer Peppermint is such a cool, soothing and invigorating scent.  Peppermint Oil works as a fever reducer, hunger suppressant and indigestion treatment.  It can increase alertness and circulation.  A couple drops in the humidifier freshens the air and clears nasal passages.  At this time of year especially, I enjoy using peppermint oil all throughout my home. Peppermint soap is a simple DIY gift for Christmas! With just a few … [Read more...]

DIY Fleece Blanket

It seems like I know a million pregnant ladies or ladies who just had a baby. It's probably just because I am pregnant too, so I am noticing it more . And can I just be honest with you for a second? Being pregnant is a lot harder this time around than when I was pregnant with Lincoln who is 6 and Julia who is almost 5. I am not at all complaining because we prayed for this baby and took us a while to get pregnant, I am just noticing many more discomforts. Anyhow, with all these pregnant mama's … [Read more...]

6 Steps to Master The Art of Entertaining

Written by Kari, Contributing Writer Gathering with family and friends is a big thing during November and December and I’m all about celebrations. I enjoy going to them, but I absolutely enjoy hosting them. I probably got the entertaining bug from my mom who knows how to throw a good celebration. Never did a detail slip by her: the décor, ambiance, music, lighting, food…everything that can be recognized by the five physical senses were always taken care of. Those are the kind of gatherings I … [Read more...]

How to Host an Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Packing Party

For the past few years, I have loved being able to participate in packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child with my kids. I usually let each of them choose the items at the dollar store, we decorate a card and pack the boxes all while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot beverages. It's been a tradition of trying to teach them to care about others around the world that might not have as much as they do. And this year won't be any different but after I met Alex at a conference … [Read more...]