The Birth Story of Baby #4 {Part One}

To begin this story I guess I'll have to take you back to the Spring of 2015. (if you want to skip all of the pre-story, scroll down to where it says Coby's Birth Story)  We were busy with life, work, kids' school, a 1 year old running around and our "husband and wife" time had been lacking. So I was trying to be more intentional to make time for that! ;)  We weren't sure about having any more kids but I certainly had caught the baby bug. I just count imagine that we were … [Read more...]

The Birth Story of London Everleigh {Part Three}

In parts one and two, I shared how London Everleigh arrived via planned homebirth with a midwife. It's an amazing story (to me) of waiting on God, learning to trust Him more and more and having the courage to bring her into this world the way I had planned and get to experience it. Although I know that's not always the case even if you had planned a homebirth, like my friend Sarah, but not matter what, a baby's birth is a miraculous thing.  In honor of London's 1st … [Read more...]

The Birth Story of London Everleigh {Part Two}

I know, I know, I am very "fashionably late" with the 2nd part of London's birth story. But better late then never right?? London is only 8 months as of today :) If you haven't read part 1 yet, click on over to read the first part.  Now back to the birth story:  A little bit before my "Yes come!" text to my midwife that I told you about in part one of this story was when I realized this baby IS coming today, I could not wait to meet him or her. We never found out the gender … [Read more...]

The Birth Story of London Everleigh {Part One}

A woman will never forget the moment she became a mother, for me that moment was 6, almost 7 years ago. I can hardly believe I am saying that, I have an almost 7 year old, what? Then a short 9 months later after my son was born I became pregnant with our daughter Julia and she was born 9 months later to the day.  They both share the 29th of the month's they we born- they're exactly 18 months apart. At that time my husband & I were both graduating with degrees. I graduated with my … [Read more...]

The Most Precious Valentine’s Day Gift {A Natural Birth Story}

  Written by Kari @ Living Strong Health & Wellness, Contributing Writer After having my daughter, my first child, in a hospital - I knew I didn't want to go through that experience again. I knew without a doubt that God did not create His daughters to bring children into the world in the way I had experienced. Although I came home with a beautiful and healthy little girl, the experience left me lacking respect for the medical industry. Without focusing on all that happened … [Read more...]

Amanda’s VBAC Birth Story

  Guest Post by Amanda of Attached Moms Six years ago I became a mother. It was on that day, February 23rd, that, after a failed induction, I was rolled in to surgery, puking and shivering and became a mother.  It would be a few hours until I met my daughter but, giving birth, no matter the way, can change a person. Within weeks of my daughter being born, my husband and I sat down and watched a movie we had put off because we didn't want to stress right before having a … [Read more...]