Natural Labor And Delivery Plans

Written by Courtney @ A + Life (originally published in April of 2015) My Natural Birth Plans I don't have plans to take these to the hospital with me. I'm not going to be the girl who shows up with a bullet point, high lighted, step by step birth plan..... mostly because my plans are "hands off, please". But, that's easy enough to say, and not necessary to be printed out on a piece of paper. I remember when I got pregnant with my first daughter, Abigail. Even though it had taken us a … [Read more...]

Five Books to Read During Seasons of Grief

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer Tomorrow is one month since I gave birth to my son. Except it was not the joy-through-pain experience that I have had three times before. This time my baby was born stillborn at twenty-two weeks. Wholly unexpected and wholly devastating. We have experienced a lot of emotions over the past month, of course. Our children are young, so they can switch from being sad their brother is gone to waging transformer battles in the … [Read more...]

A Need for Relationship with Other Moms

This may be surprising if you knew me five+ years ago, but over the past 3 to 4 years, since around the time we moved from one to town to another, I have went back to my introverted self. I'm not sure if introverted self explains it, but the comparison trap, am I good enough, I'm too shy, have so much to do at home, whatever the excuse is. Holding back, not taking a risk.  We were busy, starting a business, kids starting preschool, then on into elementary school. Encountering … [Read more...]

On Being Organized

    Written by Allie @ The Purposeful Housewife, Contributing Writer *Please meet Allie, she's a new contributor here. I hope you'll leave a comment on how you relate to organization.  Over the past year, I have had to become a more organized person. When you have three kids in three years, a marriage and household to run, you sort of get forced into things that don't always match your personality. I've had to stop whining and just accept that my life calls for some … [Read more...]

A Time and Place for Survival Mode

Written by Jenn @ A Simple Haven, Contributing Writer Survival mode. It doesn't sound particularly enticing, does it? It seems to be the antithesis of living intentionally, toward your goals and in line with your values. It sounds like just getting by. And who wants to do that? Not me. And yet, survival mode is where I find myself. In a season of being newly pregnant and feeling yuck, with my husband in summer school and working longer hours + traveling more than usual, I am just … [Read more...]

Educating Yourself for a Better Birth

Written by Kristen @ Smithspirations, Contributing Writer Like many moms, I don't think I'll ever forget my first pregnancy. My husband and I were young and utterly unprepared for what laid ahead of us! I was finishing up college, he was in his first year teaching, and neither of us gave much thought to preparing for birth. I decided at some point that I wanted us to go to the childbirth classes held at our local hospital, and my hubby dutifully came along. We listened to the instructor … [Read more...]

Keeping Christ in Christmas, but Not Leaving Him in the Manger

By Kristen @ Smithspirations, Contributing Writer Around this time of the year, a rallying cry from Christians often has to do with contending for the real meaning of Christmas. We hear and say slogans like "Jesus is the reason for the season" and "Keep Christ in CHRISTmas", and all with good reason. I admit that I enjoy making homemade gifts, supporting home and small businesses with my purchases, and yes, even scoring a good deal from a big retailer, but all of the buying can take away from … [Read more...]

Organizing the Busy Mom’s Day with Routines Rather Than Schedules

Written by Kristen, Contributing Writer I like my days to be organized. I like to see a list, check things off, and know that I've accomplished the important tasks that need done for my day. If I can get ahead on something, well by golly, I'll take those bonus points, too! It didn't take me long, however, to realize that keeping my days organized can be quite challenging when I'm working with a crew of little people. Rather than beat myself up over not sticking with a schedule that is ruled … [Read more...]

You ARE Enough

Written by Jenny, Contributing Writer There's a recurring theme in my life, and I suspect that I'm not the only parent, or adult for that matter, who struggles with it.  Feelings of inadequacy.  Never being able to do enough, to be enough, to give enough, to help enough.  Never being able to be everything to everyone in my life.  Sound familiar?  I think it's a common thread that weaves most of us parents together. We find out that this sweet little life is going to be entrusted to us, and … [Read more...]