Blessing Others Through The Fruit Of The Spirit

Written by Contributing Writer, Kelly @ Eyes On The Source

November and December begin the busy holiday season!  (Already??)  A time meant for reflection and remembrance, which can easily turn into a time of rush and regret.  The reason for the season, the One who came to seek and save the lost…  

The goal of the Christian life is to become like this Savior, but this is the very time of year that our character can be most challenged.  How can we use this time to draw closer to Him and develop traits that reflect His character?  How can we be developing and blessing others with the Fruits of the Spirit? 

Fruit of the Spirit

3 Ways to Bless others through the Fruits of the Spirit: 

1. Dive into God’s Word! 

Always the thing we should do first, often the thing we decide to do last.  We choose worry, we choose weak human efforts.  I find that the more time I spend in His Word, the more I am able to recall those words of peace for every situation.  Read it out loud over and over.  Pour God’s Word over your family and bearing fruit for Him will come naturally.  Rely on God’s strength, not your own.  Our strength is extremely limited, but God’s strength knows no limits.  The more connected to God we are, the more fruitful we are!

2. Calendar Control!  

Do you REALLY need to attend every holiday event you are invited to?  Prayerfully consider each option. Overloaded schedules tend to throw most of the Fruits of the Spirit out the window!  It brings rushing instead of remembrance…which leads to regret. 🙁 Slow down, know His peace, fully enjoy His amazing gift to us.

3. Focus on blessing others!  

Holiday commercials push and promote the need for MORE, causing stress and stealing joy. Bear fruit by blessing others with your time and meeting genuine needs.  What can you do for others as a family?  Giving doesn’t need to put us into financial debt, but the knowledge that our debt has been paid should cause us to want to share that amazing blessing/gift with others.  Love God and love others, that’s what it’s all about.  We constantly remind our children that the only things that last forever are God, His Word and PEOPLE!

Fruit of the Spirit2

We sing this song in our home all the time to remember the fruits of the spirit!

What other ideas do you have to bless others?  What ways will you and your family ensure that you slow down and bear fruit this holiday season?

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